What is API Limits?

Twitter application has limitations on the number of calls such as getting a timeline or getting a friends. Beyond that it will temporarily become inaccessible. Since it is reset every 15 minutes, you can use it without problem if you do not access a lot.

What is Favorites?

It is a function dedicated to this application, so it will not be saved in Twitter account. Save your favorite messages in the device.

I cannot send a message to a specific user.

If you don't have permission, you cannot send a message. In many cases, you can send a message by making a follow exchange. Also, there are also reasons such as user-block.

I cannot chat in real time. Chat heads is not showed.

Since it is a function when sending and receiving messages between this application, if you want to use it please ask your friend to install from `Share`.

Group messages can not be sent or received.

This application does not supported to group messages.

I cannot see past messages.

This application has acquired the latest 200 messages and showed it. If you want to go back more than that please use the Twitter official application.

The application crashed.

We collect the cause of the crash, so we will fix it as much as possible. If you cannot solve it by all means, please contact us from the `Contact form` at the bottom of the screen. (Please specify your model, OS version, crashed screen etc)

About privacy policy.

Please check Privacy policy.
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